Industrial Equipment Retrofit


Industrial Equipment

For the Industrial sector, Case Technology has developed a process for a short time design of electronic board. It can be applied to replace a component which is no more supplied or for a low cost and with a minimal production stop during the upgrade process of the machine.

Considering that obsolescence of electronic boards and components is a critical point in long term maintenance, Case Technology provides full manufacturing services, allowing customer to make its own board easily. Moreover, boards are designed with easy to provide common components, and Case Technology guarantees assistance on boards manufacturing after project delivery.

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Features included in Electronic Board Design and Production:

  • Secure network connection
  •  Custom data acquisition and treatment
  • Integrated control interface
  • Direct access with Smartphone or computer
  • Compatible Mac – Windows – Linux – Android
  • Rapid and long-term support maintenance
  • Very low spare cost
  • Cost efficient electronic board production after design phase

Featured Applications :

Industrial Welding Machine

Induction Heating

Industrial Furnace

Motor Speed Controller

Pump Control

Automated Marble Cutting

Automated Glass Cutting

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